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FAQ Theme approved

My first official WordPress.org contribution is approved and available. Check out the FAQ Theme and let me know your input. I`m working on a live demo right now so you will get an impression how it can be used. Support board is already available for this theme. If you develop your own themes you should definitely give this a try and create a free theme. The input from theme reviewers is great and you learn a few new things.

First free theme submitted to the WordPress repository

Let’s see if it makes it through the review process. I spend 2 days to build that easy looking but complexe category walker. One hell of a complicated start_lvl and end_lvl walker grew into a nice bootstrap3 ready category tree. The FAQ theme is intended to set up  a knowledgebase \ frequently asked questions site. Either you need a product service FAQ or simply want to extend your internal company knowledgebase – you should have a quick look at FAQ (IF it gets approved :)) stay tuned…