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FAQ Theme approved

My first official WordPress.org contribution is approved and available. Check out the FAQ Theme and let me know your input. I`m working on a live demo right now so you will get an impression how it can be used. Support board is already available for this theme. If you develop your own themes you should definitely give this a try and create a free theme. The input from theme reviewers is great and you learn a few new things.

First free theme submitted to the WordPress repository

Let’s see if it makes it through the review process. I spend 2 days to build that easy looking but complexe category walker. One hell of a complicated start_lvl and end_lvl walker grew into a nice bootstrap3 ready category tree. The FAQ theme is intended to set up  a knowledgebase \ frequently asked questions site. Either you need a product service FAQ or simply want to extend your internal company knowledgebase – you should have a quick look at FAQ (IF it gets approved :)) stay tuned…  

The internet does have it’s wild west areas and there are many sites around which offer full premium themes from popular marketplaces FOR FREE. Never upload these “free” themes to your host! This is a blackhat concept of affiliate and spam hacking\marketing. Those “free” premium themes are modified with backdoors. Either they are able to generates an admin account and sends an email to the hacker with the logins or hidden affiliate links are injected to your website promoting all kinds of fishy programs. Here is a detailed post It’s

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Bookmark snippets feature available

I integrated a bookmark button to each snippet so you can easily add snippets to your favorite list. As a registered user, you can see your bookmarks in the user dashboard panel. Hope you like it and got some use for it – Happy bookmarking 🙂

I just reached the golden 100 post items. Over the last 2 weeks I added 100 WordPress snippets and add more every day. I didn’t thought that I reach that first goal this fast so I’m pretty happy with the process. Also the snippet submission form has been integrated, SEO tags are set and organic search traffic is flowing in. Grab your chance today and signup for an account at WPcustoms and be a part of it.

I added a submission form so you can now add your own functions and tweaks. Currently very rudimental with only a title and a code textarea but for a quick start I think that’s cool. Signup for an account and get to the user dashboard to submit your own WordPress code snippets. They are attached to your userID so we can rank you on top later with the best submissions 🙂 Please keep in mind that new snippets are pending and I need to manually approve it before showing up

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If you create websites\applications or anything else which is accessable with a browser you will struggle over the point #browsertest on your to-do list. Since IE is still around a few surprises and headaches are guaranteed. So let’s face it: How can I Test Browser Compatibility? More or less we got 3 options:

Justin Tadlock is filling the plugin gap when it comes to grid columns. He created an awesome, easy and handy plugin which will completely take care of your grid columns needs – period.

There are many scripts and tutorials available for responsive menu handling on small (mobile) screens. More and more people use smartphones to gather informations on various webpages. Having a fully responsive website structure is already mandatory. A Menu is built with unordered lists. We need to move a horizontal list into a vertical dropdown list. We use JQuery and CSS for this. Jquery to get the actual window size and css to re-create the menu structure. Below are a few links which will help you to achieve the result you

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