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First free theme submitted to the WordPress repository

Let’s see if it makes it through the review process. I spend 2 days to build that easy looking but complexe category walker. One hell of a complicated start_lvl and end_lvl walker grew into a nice bootstrap3 ready category tree. The FAQ theme is intended to set up  a knowledgebase \ frequently asked questions site. Either you need a product service FAQ or simply want to extend your internal company knowledgebase – you should have a quick look at FAQ (IF it gets approved :)) stay tuned…  

There are many scripts and tutorials available for responsive menu handling on small (mobile) screens. More and more people use smartphones to gather informations on various webpages. Having a fully responsive website structure is already mandatory. A Menu is built with unordered lists. We need to move a horizontal list into a vertical dropdown list. We use JQuery and CSS for this. Jquery to get the actual window size and css to re-create the menu structure. Below are a few links which will help you to achieve the result you

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