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If you create websites\applications or anything else which is accessable with a browser you will struggle over the point #browsertest on your to-do list.

Since IE is still around a few surprises and headaches are guaranteed. So let’s face it:

How can I Test Browser Compatibility?

More or less we got 3 options:

  • The real deal: use an old computer\notebook you are not using anymore and let the desired browser version run on this machine. This is the most accurate way to test your site’s browser compatibility.
  • Install a virtual machine on your system – you need to download huge files and do a lot of setup work.
  • use SPOON┬áto load the desired browser version – the fastest way to quickly test your site in a different browser. You need to install a small piece of software and create an account. You can then select your test browser and it opens and can be used like it is installed on your own system. Though I`m not 100% sure about accuracy.

Currently I`m fine with the old testlab laptop running on VISTA and IE7 (what a great duo haha)

What are your browser testing methods?

IE browser compatibility testing